The Strength of SWAT

SWAT has grown in strength in the last couple of years. New members have added capacity and energy and some high profile successes, including a major teaching and learning conference, have led to increased ambition for the group and greater contact between students and staff in schools.

The work of the SWATCos is crucial in binding us together; their professional commitment to sharing and planning learning opportunities for students and CPD for staff is what takes SWAT forward. The SWAT conference, hosted this year by the University of Exeter, promises to build on last year’s success. You can see the programme and sign up here.
The headteacher contact extends beyond the formal meetings. Emails between us provide helpful context and comparisons for decision making and there is a free flow of helpful advice and guidance. I know that we all value this comradeship.

The era of the “standalone school” is over and SWAT members and their partners are making an increasingly important contribution to System Leadership in the South West.

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