My Favourite Place

“My Favourite Place” a subject on which any geographer will have plenty to say and so we decided to open the topic up to Year Seven.


My Favourite Place: Pembrokeshire Coast

At the SWAT Geography Conference in June 2014 we put together a scheme of work which would allow students time to consider their favourite places and allow them to develop a piece of work.  Students had a number of hours to complete the work and teachers could decide if this was done during lesson time or at home.  Each school then had to select three pieces which formed part of the shortlist.  Each school then voted on the work and the final shortlist was given to Kieran Earley, Chair of SWAT to make a decision.  And a tough decision it was; the standard of work was extremely high and really demonstrated the quality and care that students had taken on their “favourite places”


The top three pieces of work received a prize in Amazon vouchers and you can see the pieces of work by clicking here.

As a group of Geography departments we are pleased that SWAT enabled us to work together and share excellent practice and also allowed us to reward our students.  We are very much hoping to continue the competition next year and hope that other subject areas follow in our footsteps.

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